Tourism demand: a panel data approach

Tourism demand: a panel data approach

Tourism demand: a panel data approach

Soheila Khoshnevis Yazdi and Bahman Khanalizadeh

Year: 2016

Journal: Current Issues in Tourism, 2016


This paper estimates the coefficients of the determinants of international tourism demand for the period 1995–2014 in the USA using the gravity framework. The analysis is based on a panel dataset of tourist arrivals among 14 countries using autoregressive distributed lag methods. The results show real gross domestic product, consumer price index, real exchange rate and certain specific events have a significant impact on international tourism demand. The income elasticity suggests that tourism is non-luxury goods, and prices and real exchange rate have negative relation to tourist arrivals. We also find that tourism transport infrastructure is a significant determinant of tourist arrivals into USA. This implies that infrastructure to reinforce taste formation is important to attract more international tourists to USA. In addition, results also suggest implications for public and private tourism authorities.

Keywords: consumer price index; panel data; real exchange rate; tourism demand; USA